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July 20, 2016

Howdy folks,

Check out our EBAY AUCTIONS!

Currently listed: Mutant Military Pro Pilot Don (1991), Mutant Military Lieutenant Leo (1991), Mutant Military Midshipman Mike (1991), Mutant Military Raph The Green Teen Beret (1991), Mutant Military 2 Delta Team Don (1992), Mutant Military 2 Kookie Kavalry Leo (1992), Mutant Military 2 Navy Seal Mike (1992), Mutant Military 2 Yankee Doodle Raph (1992), Mutant Military 2 Private Porknose Bebop (1992), & Mutant Military 2 Dimwit Doughboy Rocksteady (1992).

Beginning Sunday night: A bunch of Sewer Sports All-Stars figures: Shell Slammin' Mike with pink tights (1991), Shell Slammin' Mike with pink tights & belt off (1991), Shell Slammin' Mike with orange tights (1991), Shell Kickin' Raph (1991), Grand Slammin' Raph (1991), Slam Dunkin' Don (1991), TD Tossin' Leo (1991), & Slap Shot Leo (1991).

To celebrate the release of the TMNT documentary "Turtle Power", we've put together a TMNT grab bag for US customers! Check it out here!
Now that Mirage is in its "ramping down" phase, Katie (our entire shipping department) is only working on Mondays and Wednesdays - so anything ordered from the site will only be shipped on those days. This means it can take several weeks before an order goes out our door. Due to time constraints, Katie does not send out order confirmations as this would delay shipping items out even more, but if you received a receipt e-mail from Paypal, rest assured that we got your order and Katie will ship it out as quickly as she can.
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