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How to identify the printing for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume One #1

The first three printings feature this wraparound cover and were printed oversized at 7 3/8" X 10 7/8". First printings had no notation of their print run, but the inside back cover featured a different advertisement than the one in second and third printings. Second and third printings were noted as such on the top left corner of the inside front cover. The indicia changed in third printings to list the Mirage Studios address in Sharon, CT.

See pix below. To avoid any potential confusion, please note that the green "" watermark text does not appear on the comics (for obvious reasons).

first inside front cover
first inside back
First printing inside front cover. No printing info on top left.
First printing inside back cover.
second inside front
second inside back cover
Second printing inside front cover. Printing info on top left.
Second printing inside back cover - new ad.
third inside front
third inside back cover
Third printing inside front cover. Printing info on top left. Note the mailing address change to Sharon, CT at the end of the indicia.
Third printing inside back cover.
TMNT Volume One #1
TMNT Volume One Index Page
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